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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Love for All Things Aesthetic

I love fashion and beauty.  Sometimes I feel guilty about it because a preoccupation with the aesthetic can be perceived as shallow. I get it - there's definitely more to life than looking good, but at the end of the day people "buy with their eyes."  People tend to be drawn to things and people who are visually appealing - but don't get me wrong, I still feel there should be substance to back up the pretty packaging, but peoples' first impressions are often built on what they see.

As a little girl, I loved to play dress up.  I look back at pictures of me with my homemade dresses - belted towels wrapped around my body, or my preoccupation with shoes...I LOVED trying on my mother's high heels, or getting into my mother's or aunt's makeup - I was a fashionista in training.  Having a mother who loved clothes and jewelry helped to feed my interest.  I used to sneak into her closet and wear her blouses. And there were many times where my mother would allow me to wear her dresses and jumpsuits so it's no surprise that I'm still enamored by all things fashion-related.

I used to think I wanted to become a model, but I never really pursued it.  At that time I thought that either being a model or fashion designer were really the only careers in fashion so I took a "more traditional" career path.  I got a job working in an office and my journey into Corporate America began.  

My style and tastes have definitely changed throughout the years, but my love of fashion has not wavered.  As soon as I get invited to an event I immediately start thinking about what I can wear.  What do I want to look like?  What emotions do I want to evoke? What style statement am I going to make?  I may not even care so much about the event itself, as long as I get an opportunity to dress up and look good. I need to start filling my social calendar so I can wear my dressy pieces...

Anyway, I think it is critical to look like you made an attempt to pull yourself together when you start your day.  That's not to say you must constantly obsess over your appearance, but people have a tendency to take you more seriously if you look put together. I know if I see someone who put in the effort they immediately get my attention.

So my interest in fashion and beauty and style is something that's totally out of my control. It's amazing that it's taken me so long to figure out I need to pursue something fashion-related in my spare time and hopefully parlay that interest into my dream career. I have plans, and I'm working on some things - so stay tuned...