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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Press "Repeat"

So we live in an era where everyone wants to be fabulous and the goal is to emulate the rich and famous.  It's easy to fall into that trap and aspire to amass a large quantity of material things - especially if you're one who is a lover of 'visual representation.'  Believe me - if I had unlimited resources, I would probably never wear the same thing twice.  HOWEVER, I have responsibilities and obligations which force me to rein in my spending. 

And I don't know about you, but this age of social media forces us to be conscious of what we wear, how many times we're being photographed in the same clothes, and where those pictures appear.  I'll admit, I have thought twice about wearing something I've worn before, because I don't want the outfit(s) to appear on Facebook repeatedly.  But, I've gotten to the point where I'm starting to rebel against that.

So what if I wear something more than once!  That's the reality of the majority of people, I'm guessing, in this world.  For those who can afford to wear a new outfit or pair of shoes every single day, that's great, but that's not my world - at least at this point in my life.
I will continue to be as fabulous as I can on MY budget, and remix and rework my wardrobe as much as I can.  So you will see me wearing the same thing more than once, or twice, etc.  Now, I do try to not wear things the same way repeatedly, because I think it's important to mix and match to give the appearance of a bigger wardrobe.  PLUS, there are certain pieces that I just LOVE. I will continue to 'press repeat' and work my wardrobe and still be fashionably fabulous!

This is dedicated to all the fabulous working women who love fashion and have to remain realistic about their budgets and lifestyles.