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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shoe Love

I don't think it's much of a secret, but I LOVE SHOES!  Shoes have the ability to transform an outfit and really provide some insight into your personality.  Now I certainly don't have the most extensive collection of shoes - or even the most expensive shoes, but my always growing and evolving shoetique has served me well over the years.

I was recently searching for a gift for a fellow shoe lover and stumbled across this website, Shoewares, which sells unique gifts for us shoe fanatics.

I purchased one of these mugs and packaged it really nicely with one of my t-shirts...Oh, I didn't mention that I design women's t-shirts, did I?  Check out Belle Femme Tees.  Or visit shop Belle Femme Tees to purchase a shirt.

 Here's the shirt, but I gave the recipient the white version of this design.

Of course I purchased a mug for myself addition to the following candles...
 I love the idea of Shoewares...wish I had thought of it first!