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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Six Scents

There are certain things that help solidify a woman's sense of style.  They include how she wears her hair and makeup, her clothing, accessories, and her scent.  Some women go the route of having a signature scent, and others love variety and wear a multitude of fragrances.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  When I find a fragrance that I like, I usually wear it exclusively, until I'm tired of it or until I run out, making it my de facto signature fragrance - at least for a period of time, and then I move onto something else.

But there is a core group of fragrances that are in regular rotation, which I now refer to as The Six Scents.
 I recently received this as a gift. It's light and pretty and comes in such a beautiful bottle.  This is the newest of The Six Scents, but it has quickly become a go-to fragrance.

Coco Mademoiselle
Coco, how I love you so.  I started wearing this fragrance about 3 years ago.  I've smelled it on women in passing, but never knew what fragrance it was.  At a happy hour a few years ago, I smelled this exquisite fragrance on an acquaintance and inquired about the brand. I went out and bought the eau de toilette, and when I purchased it, the saleswoman at Nordstrom told me that I would graduate to the eau de parfum, and sure enough I did.  The eau de parfum is so much more potent. This is my favorite fragrance at the moment.

Gucci by Gucci
I smelled this for the first time in one of the fashion magazines that I read - probably In Style. This was another of those fragrances that I was immediately drawn to. I like fragrances that aren't overly sweet.  This has a musky, almost masculine scent to me.  I've gotten numerous compliments on this fragrance.

Flower Bomb
This was another fashion magazine find.  I smelled it and rushed out to get it.  I've been wearing this for a few years now.

Gucci Rush
I smelled this on a few of my girlfriends and fell in love with the fragrance. It has such a sultry and smoldering aroma, I copied.  But I'm careful not to wear it when I'm around them.

Gucci - Rush

I've been wearing Calyx for about 20 years.  A former colleague turned good friend used to wear this.  I loved her sense of style.  She was so well put-together and at the time, this was her signature fragrance. This scent is so clean and refreshing and has a citrusy aroma.  It's nice and light for the summer and brings back such good memories for me.

Over the years, I've also worn Gucci, Romance by Ralph Lauren, and Delices de Cartier.  I also recently smelled Candy by Prada, and put that on my mental list of "things to buy," but haven't purchased it yet.

Stay pretty and smell pretty!