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Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Express" Yourself

Those who know me pretty well are aware of the fact that I shop at Express frequently, and have for a REALLY long time.  Now to some, Express' clothing appeals to very young women or they're unable to find things they like/fit them well, but Express has done right by me over the years.

I think one of the reasons I'm partial to the chain is because I know the layout of the stores really well, the types of clothing they generally offer, and most importantly - their sales patterns.  Express typically has a nice selection of current and stylish items, and in many cases, I can pick up an article of clothing and purchase it without even trying it on, because I'm very familiar with how their sizes run.

One of the downsides of shopping at a chain store is that you're likely to see a number of other women with the same articles of clothing.  This is where your personal and style and creativity come into play.  I generally mix and match my pieces in such a way where the entire outfit is not easily identifiable.  You may be able to spot an Express piece here or there, but in most cases, it won't look like an Express outfit from head to toe.

Express recently had a 40% off everything sale, and I was able to pick up a few pieces.  I usually have a hard time finding button down shirts/blouses that accommodate my bustline, but the Express "Portofino" shirt does a great job.  It's a  polyester crepe material, which gives it a dressier feel than your average button down, and it comes in a variety of patterns and styles. I picked up the style below and a plain black version, which will become a wardrobe staple.


And you're not going to believe this - I actually purchased a pair of high-rise jeans. (AKA "MOM JEANS")  Yup!  MOM JEANS.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  I used to think that I'd never wear them either; however, I actually AM a mom, and despite the fact that I'm on the thin side, things have changed over the years (e.g. shifted, moved around), and low-rise pants simply don't provide me with the coverage I need.  In fact, I'm quite pleased with the fit of my "high-risers."

When I wear my lower rise jeans, they actually make me feel not so great about my body, which is not THAT bad; however, certain cuts just don't flatter. That underscores the importance of knowing and embracing your body type and buying clothes that make you look your best.  I've included a picture of the jeans below, but I will post a picture when I wear them.

Until next time.  And I will try not to wait so long before my next post. :-)