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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get It Before You Need It

It's pretty widely accepted that a woman should own a little black dress (LBD) ...or several, in the event that she has to get cute at a moment's notice.

Well, not only do I have several LBD's, I also have a couple of gowns in my closet.  There are more than a few areas in my life where I should probably be more prepared, but when it comes to having to "get fancy," I can often shop my closet to find an appropriate look.  I buy clothes for work, and I buy clothes for the weekend, but I also buy dressy clothes whenever I come across a fabulous fashion find.

In the back of my mind, I know that some type of event will come up, and I will need to have a nice dress or gown, so I'd rather be prepared.  I dread rushing around at the last minute trying to find something to wear.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Really Cute Skirt

I saw this skirt on Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook and thought it was absolutely adorable.  It's from H&M, and was at the very reasonable price of $39.95, so I ordered it. (They also have hot pink and grey. I would have ordered the hot pink if it was available when I placed my order.)

When I received the skirt, I was pleasantly surprised that it's actually a foam-like material, which makes it stand out - like a tutu.  I used the skirt for display purposes at my vendor/networking event on 3/30, but actually had the occasion to wear it yesterday.

And YES, I'm wearing black and white aGAIN, and YES, I'm wearing that Express white blazer again, but it's so versatile...

T-shirt also from Express, shoes by Enzo Angiolini, but my cutest accessory appears in the 2nd and 3rd pictures.


Coming Soon...

Right in time for Mother's Day 2014, Belle Femme Tees will be introducing "Woman" - the t-shirt that celebrates women.  

"Woman" will be available in three different flavors:

Strawberries and Cream

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Tips: Dressing for Your Body Type

During my workshop this past Sunday, "Dress to Impress: Making Your Style Statement," I promised the workshop attendees that I would post some follow up information to supplement what I discussed.

This post provides some tips on ways to downplay areas that may be problematic for you when getting dressed.  The idea is to create balance between the top half of your body and the bottom half.  The tips below, help address some of the more common issues that I've heard women complain about:

  • Create the illusion of longer legs by wearing a longer hemline on your jeans and dress pants.
  • Another way to create length is to try a monochromatic palette (including shoes) which will create an uninterrupted line.
  • Wear shoes with more of a pointed toe to elongate the legs.
  • Throw a belt around a dress, blazer, or  blousy top to define your waistline.
  • Wear blazers that are nipped in the waist for the appearance of a more defined waistline.Shorter women should opt for belts with skinnier widths - thicker belts will cut you in half.
  • Peplum wil also give the appearance of a more defined waistline.Women with larger breasts - choose necklines that show a little skin, such as v-necks, scoop necks, etc. By opening up the area, you will break up the monotony of the fabric, which can sometimes give a matronly appearance.  Conversely, women with larger bustlines should avoid turtle necks.
  • Women with short torsos should wear low-rise pants to create the illusion of a longer torso.  Bolero and cropped jacks also help.
  • Women with long torsos should wear higher-rise jeans to give a more balanced appearance.
  •  Shoes with ankle straps look best on women with longer slimmer legs.  For women with thicker legs, the strap can cut the leg in an unflattering way and give the appearance of stumpy legs.
  • A-line skirts and dresses, and tiered skirts, are great for women with narrow hips - they add volume on the bottom.  Dress pants with pockets on the sides are another good option.
  • A-line cuts generally look good on all body types.
  • Women with big hips who are not trying to call attention to that area should avoid skinny jeans and pants with tapered legs.
  • Boot cut jeans or slightly flared styles are more flattering to women with big hips.
  • Larger women - don't try to camouflage your bodies with big, shapeless, and ill-fitting clothes.  Structured blazers and tailored cuts will provide definition, will fit better, and convey a more polished appearance.
  • Women with sloping shoulders, wear blouses and tops with shoulder pads and cap sleeves.
  • When wearing sleeveless tops, women with thin arms should opt for thicker straps, such as tank blouses, shirts, and dresses instead of spaghetti straps.
 Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Networking Social Recap

I'd like to give a special thank you to Leslie "Lady Diamonds" for the opportunity to participate in this past Sunday's "Networking Social."  This event was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who were looking to start, build, and expand their businesses and network with like-minded business owners.  

There were interactive workshops that allowed the participants to learn business essentials such as:
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Funding 101
  • The Five Elements of Business Success
There  were health and wellness workshops:
  • Body Bangout
  • Understanding and Transforming Stress
  • and my workshop, "Dress To Impress: Making Your Personal Style Statement
The vending component allowed vendors to showcase their products and services.  I had the opportunity to not only speak, but to sell and promote my t-shirt line, "Belle Femme Tees."  There were also guest speakers who shared their stories, wisdom, and experience, and allowed attendees to get personal, ask questions, and seek guidance.