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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Networking Social Recap

I'd like to give a special thank you to Leslie "Lady Diamonds" for the opportunity to participate in this past Sunday's "Networking Social."  This event was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who were looking to start, build, and expand their businesses and network with like-minded business owners.  

There were interactive workshops that allowed the participants to learn business essentials such as:
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Funding 101
  • The Five Elements of Business Success
There  were health and wellness workshops:
  • Body Bangout
  • Understanding and Transforming Stress
  • and my workshop, "Dress To Impress: Making Your Personal Style Statement
The vending component allowed vendors to showcase their products and services.  I had the opportunity to not only speak, but to sell and promote my t-shirt line, "Belle Femme Tees."  There were also guest speakers who shared their stories, wisdom, and experience, and allowed attendees to get personal, ask questions, and seek guidance.

Vendors and attendees from states far and wide traveled to Queens, New York, to participate in this phenomenal event.  It was a wonderful affair and I'm really proud of Leslie.  I've known Leslie for many years, and she has always been an entrepreneur.  Leslie has built a business from the ground up and has a strong team and a strong following who supports her dreams because she provides others with the opportunity to succeed as she succeeds.

There was a lot of love, appreciation, and sharing of information going on in that venue!  People need people - to support, to encourage, to provide resources, and to help one another learn and grow, and that's what this event was all about.

Hats off to Lady Diamonds NYC!

There is another "Networking Social" being held on June 1st and I look forward to participating!