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Friday, June 20, 2014

Take a Cue From Your Shoes

In my most recent post, The Illusion of Abundance: The Basics of Mixing and Matching, I discussed ways to mix and match your garments to create the illusion of a bigger wardrobe.  One tip was to take a cue from your shoes.  If you have a cute pair of shoes with a nice mix of colors or an interesting pattern, they can serve as a starting point to build your outfit.

These are the shoes that I used to create my outfit:

"Flax" by Nine West - available in about 1,000 colors/patterns...

Here's the outfit.  I doubt I would have paired these items if it wasn't for the shoes...
Necklace and Blazer from Express.  (I've also worn the blazer like this and this.)
Skirt from Shoxie.