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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Pattern Mixing

I've been very busy lately and have a backlog of outfits that I need to get up on the site, but this one I had to post.  The quality of the pictures is pretty bad, but I'm proud of my pattern mixing skills here.

This is an Express top and slacks. I bought these pieces recently in the same transaction, but had no plans to pair them.  I went to BK this past weekend to hang out with my girls and while I was trying things on, I said...."Hey, this may work."

I almost talked myself out of it, because sometimes pattern mixing can go awry, but I channeled my inner Solange Knowles and also decided to "Be Fearless."

I actually liked the way it worked out...very much.  So the rationale for pairing these two items was the common colors that ran through the top and pants.  I played off the black and white, and wore a neutral shoe, as to not compete with the whole look.

Maybe I'll retake some pix so you can see the details a little better.