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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Right Tulle for the Job

Last weekend, I took my daughter to see The Nutcracker.  I used this as an opportunity to throw on the most recent addition to my tullekit.

Tutus and tulle skirts are so feminine and beautiful. These days it's so much more commonplace for ladies to wear tutus, and I'm very happy about that.

I love this top with the cutout shoulders.  It gives us women with a fuller bustline a chance to wear a sexy top, but still wear a supportive bra.  The sexy tops usually have spaghetti straps or cutouts that require no bra or a strapless bra.

The jeweled necklace elevated the look of an otherwise simple top. (Aside from the sexy cutout shoulders.)

The small earrings complemented the ornate necklace.

And the shoes.  They're a simple pony-haired pump that I turned up a notch with the help of shoe clips.  These shoe clips were a gift from a friend and fellow fashion-lover.  I'll be wearing the shoe clips again next week, but on the backs of my shoes. ;-)