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Monday, June 8, 2015

A Black and White Affair

My younger cousin recently turned 16 and a Sweet 16 was thrown in her honor.  It was a black and white affair and that was right up my alley because you know how much I love that color combination.
I wore my black tulle skirt. (Also worn in December) and a silk short-sleeved blouse/bodysuit from Bebe.  
 My kids were in on the act also.  My son is a not-so-willing participant when it comes to photos, and I'm lucky I got a couple of shots with him.  But the little one is a "Diva-In-Training" and she loves hamming it up for the camera.
He looks thrilled...

I made the sad mistake of telling her pretty early that we would be going to the party later in the day and she harassed me ALL day, because she was DYING to wear her tulle dress.
 She and I are tulle twins.  We both love wearing tutus.
Shoes by Sam Edelman. I got them for a steal at  Here's a closer look:

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