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Saturday, November 14, 2015

'Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing Baby...

I try to add different textures and fabrics into my wardrobe, and leather is one of my favorites.  Although I do love faux leather, there is something about the smell and buttery soft feel of the real thing...

I was browsing on the Nordstrom site, a few months back, saw this sheath by Halogen and fell instantly in love. I visualized how the dress would fit me and ordered it.  Typically, I have a hard time with dresses. I usually have to go up a size to accommodate “the girls,” but this dress has a fabric panel in the back that allows a little breathing room.
When I received the dress in the mail, I eagerly opened the box and tried the dress on.  PERFECT FIT.  I absolutely LOVE the way it fits.
My favorite statement necklace from Express.
A silver cuff.
White gold chubby hoops.

Some months back I vowed to fill my closet with only items that I truly connect with.  This is definitely one of those pieces.  What pieces make you feel confident?  Challenge yourself to identify and acquire only those things that make you feel your best.

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