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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Make a Statement!

Statement clutches and handbags are great for adding an area of interest and focal point to any outfit.  You can use a neutral or basic ensemble to ground the piece, or you can take things completely over the top and add to an already powerful look.

An interesting shape can be a real conversation starter.  I found this adorable floral-inspired clutch in the sale bin at Nordstrom a few years ago.
This pic doesn't provide a great view of the bag, but I love the way the cranberry color played against the gold in my dress.

 There are times when you can let your clutch do the talking for you.  I adore this piece by Love Cortnie. Cortnie creates some really interesting bags, and this will not be my last purchase from her line.
This eye-popping color can be worn with many different looks.  You can see the full outfit in this post.
The yellow adds a nice contrast to the black and white.
This was a cute and inexpensive find from Nordstrom.  Talk about a statement piece...
This is another piece that can work with many looks.
Although I've paired it with black and white most of the times I've worn it, you can use a colorful backdrop such as red, orange,yellow, or emerald green to really make this piece stand out.
And this baby right here... I've only worn it once and didn't get a pic with my outfit, but I promise you that I will.  I was browsing through Instagram and saw it on the page of a fellow fashion lover. It's from Banana Republic and I was able to grab it on sale.  I love this for SO many reasons.

A clutch or handbag in a bold color that strays from the neutral palette can be a definite attention-getter.  I've gotten many compliments on the color of this satchel. Not only is it gorgeous, it's very functional - providing enough room for all of my essentials.
Details on this look can be found in this post.

My Michael Kors Grape Miranda Tote is a favorite of mine.  This is another item that I saw, fell in love with, but wasn't able to fit into my budget. But I played the "waiting game" and caught it during a Neiman Marcus flash sale. The shopping gods were on my side...
The great thing about a "pop of color" is that you can wear it with so many things.  You might think that the color cuts down your options, but it actually opens up a world of possibilities.

Make a Statement!
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