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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Statement Necklaces for a Steal...

I love getting a good deal as much as I love fabulous fashion! A while back I wrote a post called, "Fudge It on a Budget." The focus of that piece was scoring fab finds at a fraction of their original cost. A lot of that advice still stands, but there's one tip I omitted because I don't want to encourage habits that rely on the use of credit.

I've made my share of credit card mistakes, but I'm a lot more credit savvy now, and have weaned myself off my credit card addiction. Typically, if I use a credit card, I'll pay it off immediately. This way, I'm accruing rewards and benefits, but I'm not running up my bill.

So as you know, I absolutely LOVE Express. I've been shopping there for many many years, and I'm also an Express cardholder and Express Next rewards member. Like many other rewards programs, the more you spend, the more discounts and coupons you receive.

I recently earned a $60 reward, and I popped into Express to see if there was anything that caught my eye. Express has some really cute fashion jewelry, and there were several pieces that I instantly fell in love with. The full priced jewelry was buy 1, get 1 50% off - so I grabbed 2 full priced necklaces and 2  necklaces that were on clearance. I was able to use my $60 reward, in addition to a $15 coupon, so I wound up paying $24.33 for 4 necklaces.

How exciting is that?


What are some of your favorite money-saving tips? Please stop by my Facebook page and drop me a note. Thank you for reading. Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!