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Monday, March 27, 2017

Did I Happen To Mention That I Love Tulle Skirts?

I attended the "Hattitude" hat auction and luncheon, organized by the Southesastern Philadelphia (SEPA) chapter of The Drifters, which raises money for the SEPA educational scholarship fund.This was my first time attending the event and didn't know what to wear, so I went to my "go-to" - a tutu!

When I was younger, I associated tulle skirts and dresses only with ballerinas and brides. I always fantasized about wearing tulle, and I’m elated that this trend has caught on to the point where the everyday woman can wear a tutu. To me, tulle skirts are the epitome of femininity, grace, and elegance. When I got married, many people expected me to wear a sleek and fitted gown, but I fulfilled my dream of wearing a big voluminous tulle skirt. I thought that would be one of the only times in my life, where I’d actually have a chance to wear a cascade of sheer bliss, but I was wrong about that. 

Me before the event...

  A pink tutu...what a clich√©. I "toughened up" the look a little with these delicious patent leather booties from Jeffrey Campbell. The pain is definitely worth it!

The tulle trend was resuscitated in the late 90’s by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, who has forever changed the way women look at fashion. In the opening sequence of the series, Carrie is seen sporting a tiered tutu paired with a pink tank top. That was so novel at the time– and since then, tutus and tulle skirts have made their way into the closets of fabulous fashionistas everywhere. 

There are so many variations of the tulle skirt, and women continue to remix and evolve this trend year after year. They’re such an easy way to make a bold statement, and despite the fact that they’re more mainstream than ever, tulle skirts continue to be a head-turner. Tulle skirts can be paired with tees, tanks, dressy shells, denim shirts, moto jackets, and an assortment of sandals, sneakers, shoes, and boots to create a unique and powerful look.

My wardrobe of tulle skirts is constantly growing!

Me and some of the gorgeous ladies at the event

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