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Friday, June 16, 2017

Athleisure - The Fearless Fashionista Way

There is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is ever-changing and can be purchased at any retailer. Style is like a fingerprint. It's something that is unique and personal - and no two interpretations are alike. Over time, my style and tastes have evolved, but one thing has remained pretty consistent - I tend to gravitate towards glamour, elegance, and the concept of being "dressed up."

There was a period of time when my friends questioned whether or not I even owned a pair of sneakers. And a former boyfriend and I got into a MAJOR argument because he wanted to buy me a pair of sneakers, but I wanted him to buy me a pair of shoes. For the record, I do wear sneakers, although if you let me loose in a shoe store, I'd run straight to the stilettos...

So I was recently announced as a Philadelphia "Daily News Single." (fka "Daily News Sexy Singles") This honor is bestowed upon eligible singles in the Philadelphia area, which includes a photo shoot, a party and other potential mentions and appearances. AWESOME!!!

The photo shoot took place last week at Life Time Athetic and there was an athleisure theme. Ok, that's cool. I can do sweats and a t-shirt, but this wasn't a "sweat and a t-shirt" kind of shoot. I had to look cute while working out. Now typically when I work out, I'm more focused on the activity and not the attire - which is totally contradictory to what "The Fearless Fashionista" is all about. But I knew I had to "bring it" for this photo shoot.

Now, as I mentioned previously, I like to get glammed up, and I knew I wanted to get a little "fancy" for my shoot. Yes, we were at a gym, and yes, I was supposed to look like I was working out, but I needed to throw a little glam into the mix. I consulted with celebrity stylist and creative director of the shoot, Anthony Henderson, on my ideas, and he was all in. I mentioned the possibility of rockin' heels, and he recalled Mariah Carey's recent look in the gym, where she wore a pair of sexy sneaker high heels from Rihanna's Fenty Puma Fall 2016 collection.

Mariah Carey Rihanna Fenty Puma Shoes

Stilettos on a stair-climber???

Anthony and I were both on the same page, because I happen to own the black version of the shoes Mariah Carey wore on her shoot. Fast forward to the Daily News Singles shoot. I wore Calvin Klein shorts, a sports bra, and a mesh bomber by J. Loren. Calvin Klein matte frames and prescription lenses are from Omega Optical.

 Jewelry by Marlo Tha Jeweler.Check out the amazing Gucci choker that she hooked me up with!
Face beat by the amazing Errika Young.

The shoot was tons of fun! I combined my dressy, sexy style with the casual elements of athleisure wear. When it comes to fashion, I am all for mixing it up and trying new things, but I'm also a strong proponent of adding that level of authenticity to everything you do.

The official photos will be available next month when the Daily News Singles edition is published, so look out for that.

Thank you for reading, and please come back soon.

Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!