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Friday, June 30, 2017

Tuesday Was National Sunglasses Day!

Tuesday was National Sunglasses Day! A day to raise awareness about the dangers associated with UV rays, and to emphasize the importance of protecting your eyes. And what better and more fashionable way to protect your eyes than to throw on a stylish pair of shades?

I don't typically wear shades because all of my prescription glasses have transition lenses, which darken when I get out in the sun. However, I did recently cop of pair of bold and bodacious Prada shades from my friends at Omega Optical.

And to sweeten the deal, I got the opportunity to sport my shades on Fox 29 Philly's morning show for their segment on National Sunglasses Day, featuring Steve and Tracy Davis from Omega Optical. To check out the segment, click here.

Here are a couple of shots of me during the segment.

Yes, I was hamming it up for the camera...

Barbara Gee, founder of PositiveLee For You, was also one of the models for the segment, and we got a chance to pose for the camera. We were CUTE!

I didn't get a chance to get picture with the REAL Alex Holley, but here's a pic of me and her cutout! :-)

The phenomenal Steve and Tracy Davis - owners of Omega Optical

And to the end the day on an even more positive note, we had the pleasure of celebrating the 17th anniversary of Omega Optical, and the launch of their new O2 eyewear line. If you don't know about Omega Optical, click here to learn more about how they're serving their community and giving back. I've gotten to know Tracy and Steve, and they are great people. Here are some shots from the event.

And best of all, I got to wear my jumpsuit from Joan Shepp.
 I'm going to wear this and re-style it for years to come.

Thank you for reading and please visit me again soon.

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