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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tout en Noir

Tout en Noir...In English, it means "All Black Everything." Just about anything sounds better in French, right?

When you blog about your personal style, I think there's an expectation that you continuously post pictures with outfits that you haven't been previously seen in. That can be quite costly and exhausting, and doesn't depict the reality of most women.

I do not have an infinite budget, and although I do love to shop, I need to think about keeping money in my wallet while also trying to flex my creative muscles by shopping my closet. I'm going to be challenging myself to revisit my wardrobe, and mix and match my existing pieces to see what type of fresh spin I can put on things.

I got this lace top from Bebe a while back.

The faux leather skirt is from Banana Republic from early 2016, and I threw that over a 30" petticoat that I got for $10.00 from Amazon. The skirt was only about $20, because I got it on clearance, so I spent about $30 on my lower half. My patent leather lace-up booties were the perfect choice for this look.

I carried my oversized "Hot sauce in my bag, Swag!" clutch from Fly Jane to fit all of my essentials.

My studded Prada shades from Omega Optical, Steve Madden earrings, and assorted bangles and bracelets accessorized the look.

I think I did pretty well this go 'round. I'll see what other ensembles I can come up with by recycling my existing pieces. Thank you for stopping by. Please visit me again soon.

Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!