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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Can We Talk About This Cold Weather?

I live on the east coast and to say it's cold is quite the understatement. My goal is to spend as little time outside as humanly possible. I even cancelled brunch with my girls, because I just don't wanna be out there in the mean cold streets. However, subzero temperatures do lend themselves well to some cute outerwear.

I inherited this beautiful coat from my mother. It's probably about 30 years old. Yes, it's real fur, and yes, I do feel some type of way about the way animals are treated to obtain their skins, and as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I will continue to wear the pieces that I have, and try to be more discerning about future purchases. I know - it's not the most ethical response, but it's a real one.

Anyway, here's the coat. And it's warm. And it's gorgeous.

Stay warm out there.

Thank you for reading, and please come back soon.

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