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Friday, October 5, 2018

OTK Embellished Boots

So I bought these lovely Sam Edelman over-the-knee boots with flower embroidery earlier this year at the end of the winter season. I got them for a fraction of their original price and I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to wear them more consistently. You know how much I love a good sale and I rely on what I call the “On/Off” strategy to score great deals. I like to make purchases when they’re “on” sale or “off” season.  It’s not an earth-shattering strategy, but it can be quite effective when you’re  looking to catch a great deal. One of the risks is your size is no longer available, but in some cases the reward is worth the risk.

I adore this skirt and I’ve had it for a number of years. I no longer shop at the retailer where I made this purchase due to some controversies surrounding their brand. It was a bad breakup, because I adored some of their designs – and they were very affordable, but guess what? As a consumer I will use my purchasing power to support or protest as I see fit. 

I think a lot of companies have the potential to misstep when it comes to cultural, gender, ethnic issues, etc. and let’s face it – as long as humans are responsible for running these companies, posting on social media, etc. they have the capacity to introduce their own personal biases into their work. However, these companies do have an opportunity to atone for the “sins” of their employees. Whether or not they satisfactorily do so is an entirely different subject.

Fashion has historically been used to protest and make statements, and I will use my “fashion dollars” in a similar manner. You may be thinking, “If you REALLY want to protest, then why don’t you stop wearing the skirt altogether?” NOPE! The money has already been spent…

Anyway, I’m going to use this time of year to try to finish wearing my summer pieces as the weather permits and start incorporating more fall-like pieces into the mix.

How long do you continue rocking your summer garments? Let me know in the comment section below.

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