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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


In my upcoming book, Find Your Fabulous: The Fearless Fashionista® Approach to Developing and Owning Your Style, I include a chapter on shoes that outlines my philosophy regarding the importance of shoes and how they can transform an ensemble.  The more elaborate, the better!

As I eagerly anticipate the launch of the book, I will be sharing background information and bonus content. Below are a few shoe-related tales involving me, told by family and friends.

This first piece is from my cousin Askia. I laugh every time I think of this because it's based on a real conversation we had...

“My cousin Lauren has always been a fashion plate. Even as a child. She made me promise her years ago to kill her on site if I were to ever see her in sensible shoes. While it’s a promise worth keeping, I seriously doubt it would ever come to pass. I can see Lauren in a senior citizen facility, ambling around with a cane wearing a long gilded robe, plopping down in a comfortable chair then putting her feet up on the ottoman to showcase her red bottom shoes. The old woman still got it.”
-Askia Farrell, author and blogger –

Shoes have magical powers, and in this case, they served as the foundation of a friendship...

 “Lauren and I first met several years ago as we both were disembarking from our shared commuter train. It was pouring rain, and in seeing the huge mucky puddle I would have to wade through on the way to the car, immediately took off my shoes. Coming down the walk to my left, Lauren had done the same. Looking at each other we both laughed and said almost simultaneously that our feet could get wet (and muddy)… but not the shoes— never the shoes!
 I appreciate great style and a look put together with panache and creative imagination.  Lauren has all that and her shoes tell the tale: blue suede pumps, leopard skin print, thigh high boots, lively flowered patterns, strappy metallic sandals—that girl can even rock a pair of Crocs!
 I don’t even remember what I was wearing that day coming off the train, but when two women bond over shoes—that’s a friendship that will carry on!”
-Belena C., travel buddy

I remember that day vividly. I had on a pair of Carlos Santana sky high purple satin paisley pumps, and there was no way I was going to let those babies get messed up in the rain...

This story was shared by Cathy, a former colleague. This took place on that awful day, September 11, 2001. That day will be seared into my brain forever. It is also memorable for another reason...

“I worked with Lauren for years, and she was always known for her beautiful clothes, sense of style, and most of all her shoes. Each year on September 11th, a funny story comes to mind. That day was filled with so much emotion...we were in our office in midtown Manhattan office when the planes hit the towers. We knew we had to leave the building but none of us could get home due to the bridges and tunnels being closed. We were lucky to have a friend who lived in the city offer us shelter in her apartment, which was on the Upper East Side. Most of us put on comfy shoes to make the long walk, but Lauren never changed her high heels - she was a trooper and walked many miles with us in her high heels and never complained or missed a beat. After many hours, when things were calmer, we had to walk back towards midtown, and after much convincing she borrowed a pair of sneakers from a friend...I think it was the only time, I saw her like that.”
-Cathy S.,  former colleague


This image is one of the many fantastic illustrations included in the book created by Katarina Mijatovic

Stay tuned for more content and updates. And as always,
Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!